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The King and the Salamander, an History App for Kids

Play Francis I and Spark, his faithful salamander ! Download this history app for kids and do on an incredible adventure that changed the course of French history by exploring five magnificent national heritage sites full of puzzles and secrets.

Follow the advice of Spark, your salamander and precious ally in your adventure. Send him to sneak into hard-to-reach places and through flames to solve puzzles before anyone’s the wiser.

A scripted story based on historical events, discover the iconic landmarks of the era and the reign of Francis I. Relive encounters with historical figures and take advantage of the detailed informative content to learn more about these major events in the history of France.

The most beautiful castles of France, starting from the coronation of the King in Reims, by way of the Fortress of If, travel through France, Europe and History experiencing a king’s incredible royal destiny and an adventure with funny and visually stylish graphics.



Key Information

  • Coproduction by Pinpin Team & Centre des Monuments nationaux
  • Translated in 3 languages
  • Winner of Heritage and Innovation Award (+)
  • Featured by Google Play Store in Family Categories. Review Team selection
  • History app for Kids



  • The Centre des Monuments Nationaux is a public administration run by the Ministry for Culture and Communication. It conserves, restores, and manages nearly 100 national monuments belonging to the State, staffing their sites and opening them to the public.



  • Press event with the president of the Centre des Monuments Nationaux
  • Distribution of promotional cards and posters of the relevant monuments
  • PR with well-known bloggers  (history game, game for musuem, educational game)


Business Model

  • Free to Try : Free demo, Full version at €4.99



  • Release date in April 2015


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