a new game from the io games family is your new addictive multiplayer “bored-at-work” game.

In short, is a multiplayer Tron-like game with curves.
In this online multiplayer survival game, you are in charge of a colored laser. The laser keeps moving and you can turn it left or right. Don’t charge into another laser’s path or your own to stay in the game. Navigate your laser through the narrow passages between the leftover traces and make good use of the bonuses spread across the map.

In a retro 80’s feel, play online with people from all around the globe and test your skills at trying to survive the longest to become #1 on the leaderboard.
You can also create private game’s rooms with your very own configurations to play with your friends.
Built with web technologies: HTML5 + Canvas + NodeJS,
Support: Browsers web (desktop & mobile) Coming soon :  Apps (Android, iOS)


Note : Lazerdrive was presented on the Paris Games Week 2015 so is not a copycat of another famous io game launched 6 month later…


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Curvytron was the forerunner of game.
Curvytron was available for free on the web starting May 2015.

Curvytron quickly found fans in a wide variety of players, from geeks to the developer community.
Hacker News mentionned the game and many people praise the game as the next

Beebom ranks Curvytron 7/20 as “20 Best Browser Games You Should Be Playing Right Now”


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