Ludoclic : Set of Educational Games for Kids

Ludoclic is a set of 6 educational games for kids (8-12 y.o). These HTML5 Games are available on the website of France Télévisions Education.



le-grand-atlas : an interactive online game to learn geography with fun and discover where to place capitals, countries and monuments.



archeocode : an interactive online game to train his logical mind with fun: read hieroglyphics and get the treasures of Egypt!



calculator : an interactive online game for training mental math while having fun. The goal is to make longer strings of numbers and fill the bottom of the grid to become an ace mental arithmetic!


Cosmo Voyageur

cosmo-voyageur : an interactive online game to learn the solar system and the names of celestial objects. Discover what order to place the planets in our solar system but watch out for asteroids!



humano-bio : an interactive online game to learn anatomy and discover fun place where the major bones and organs of the body.



tempo-mecano : an interactive online game to learn how identify the major periods of history and store chronological markers to locate against each other. Be careful to follow the instructions!


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France Télévisions Education



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