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MATHS & MEMO, learning arithmetic operations & math games for Kids

Math games for kids 9-11 y.o for learning arithmetic operations and improving their memory skills. Your kids will learn with fun with this educational game developed with teachers.


Key Information

  • App regularly highlighted on the AppStore & Google Play
  • Choice between 5 game modes with diverse and fun maths games
  • Learning 4 types of mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Progressive difficulty
  • A Challenge Mode mixing the types of operation



“We also liked the addition of fun mini games to ‘reward’ children for their mathematical achievements.” – Recommended by Good App Guide



  • Worldwide : Pinpin Team



  • Cross Promotion with other educational apps from Pinpin Team


Business Model

  • Premium (€1.99)



  • Release date in April 2015


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