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Geo Atlas, a Fun Educational App for kids to learn geography

Where is Denmark, Colombia or Nepal? Is the Great Wall of China near Beijing or Shanghai?

Is Dubai a city or a country?
Who does this flag with a white cross and a red background belong to?

Be the best in geography and follow the Crapoks, who is looking and studying our planet… in order to conquer it!

In this fun educational app : Through 3 game modes at 36 levels, discover where are located 182 countries, capitals, and monuments of the world; identify and memorize the flags of all the countries.



Fun and well-designed Crapoks Geo Atlas App, allows revising countries and capitals in a dapper atmosphere – la Souris Grise (+)

A nice application of Geographic quiz to learn and revise its world geography – Declickids (+)


Key Information

  • Application regularly highlighted on the App Store & Google Play
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Numerous awards to replay the game with new goals



  • Worldwide : Pinpin Team.



  • Cross Promotion with other fun educational apps from Pinpin Team


Business Model

  • Freemium (€1.99)



  • Release date in April 2015

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